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lft-g è un team guidato da professionisti che lavorano nel settore delle materie plastiche da quasi 20 anni. siamo specializzati in design, ricerca e sviluppo, fibra di vetro lungo su misura per i clienti; lunga fibra di carbonio; lunga e completa fibra di vetro e fibra di carbonio lunga; composito in fibra speciale. i materiali possono essere ampiamente utilizzati nel settore aerospaziale, automobilistico, militare; elettrodomestici;

area di applicazione
  • New energy vehicles

    New energy vehicles

    Sales of new energy vehicles increased significantly Make the concept of "car lightweight" It's hot again. A variety of modified plastics, composite materials and light alloy materials are increasingly mature, not only in the traditional automobile engine around, but also in the power battery of new energy vehicles, there are a variety of plastic applications. But these plastics do not perform well on the safety issue of flame retardancy. Flame retardant and its related industries along with "automobile lightweight" become the hot spot of the automobile industry. Development direction of flame retardant plastics for auto parts At present, the common types of flame retardant materials used in automotive parts are PP, PA, PU, PC, ABS materials, as well as a variety of modified materials and composite materials composed of them. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have added battery modules, charging piles and charging guns and other components. ➡️ The amount of engineering plastics used for battery pack module of a single new energy vehicle is about 30kg. The plastic shell of new energy vehicle mainly uses modified PP, modified PPS, PPO and other high temperature resistant plastics. ➡️ Charging piles require engineering plastics due to high usage standards and harsh operating environment. Each charging pile needs about 6kg engineering plastics. At present, PBT, PA and PC are commonly used. When preparing flame retardant plastics, most of them will increase their limiting oxygen index LOI to about 25-35%, so as to effectively improve the overall safety index of vehicles. In addition, with the current combination of electrification and carbon neutrality, plastics and various flame retardants containing halogens will be more restricted. Therefore, the future development direction of flame retardant plastics, in addition to the need for sufficient mechanical properties to meet the lightweight demand, in electric vehicles and other fields will also need materials to pay attention to the electrical, processing, environmental protection requirements Flame retardants will develop towards the direction of halogen-free and high performance, while the research focus of high performance flame retardants will develop towards the direction of complex co-effect flame retardants, halogen-free flame retardants, expansion flame retardants, superrefinement, nano technology, high efficiency surface chemical modification technology and multi-functional technology. Application of flame retardant materials in automobile parts At present, the flame-retardant plastics mainly used are PP, PU, ABS and PC. According to the special needs of automobile parts, composites (alloying), PA, PBT and PMMA are also used accordingly. Flame retardant PP PP is the largest amount of automotive plastic polymer material, has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, and the processing process is simple, low cost. Widely used in automobile instrument panel, battery pac...

  • Application of Long and short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene in automobile

    Application of Long and short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene in automobile

    Long Glass Fiber reinforced polypropylene plastic refers to the modified polypropylene composite material which contains the glass fiber length between 10 and 25mm. After injection molding and other processes, the three-dimensional structure is formed. It is also called Long Glass Fiber polypropylene, or LGFPP. There are also many materials at home and abroad referred to Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic as LFT, that is, the abbreviation of long-fiber reinforce thermoplastic. From the material definition, LGFPP belongs to a kind of LFT. Material characteristics Microstructure determines macro performance, so 10~25mm long glass fiber reinforced plastics (LGFPP) compared with ordinary 4~7mm short glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFPP) has higher strength, stiffness, toughness, dimensional stability, low warpage. In addition, long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene has better creep resistance than short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene even if it is subjected to 100℃. On the injection molding product, the long glass fiber interleaved into a three-dimensional network structure, even after the polypropylene substrate is burned, the long glass fiber network still forms a certain strength of the glass fiber skeleton, while the short glass fiber after burning generally into a non-strength fiber skeleton. This is mainly because the ratio of length to diameter of reinforced fiber determines the reinforcement effect. The critical length to diameter ratio is L/D. The packing and short glass fiber with the critical length to diameter ratio less than 100 have no reinforcement effect, while the long glass fiber with the critical length to diameter ratio less than 100 has the reinforcement effect. Compared with metal materials and thermosetting composites, the density of long glass fiber plastics is low, and the weight of the same parts can be reduced by 20~50%. Long glass fiber plastics can provide designers with greater design flexibility, such as forming parts with complex shapes, integrating the number of parts used, saving the cost of the mold (generally the cost of long glass fiber plastic injection mold is about 20% of the cost of metal stamping mold). Reduce energy consumption (production energy consumption of long glass fiber plastics is only 60~80% of steel products, 35~50% of aluminum products), simplify the assembly process. What are the typical application parts of automobile Based on the application advantages of long glass fiber material, it has been applied more and more widely in automobiles. In the mainstream models and new models, we have seen more and more of the following parts are made of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene material. Long fiber reinforced polypropylene is used in car dashboard body frame, battery bracket, front end module, control box, seat support frame, spare placenta, fender, chassis cover plate, noise partition, rear door frame, etc. The following, a few long glass fiber plastic typical application parts a...

  • Basf carbon fiber reinforced materials help create lightweight bicycle brackets

    Basf carbon fiber reinforced materials help create lightweight bicycle brackets

    Bike maker Canyon has teamed up with BASF Forward AM to produce a fully 3D-printed stand for bike Garmin. The Garmin support uses Ultrasim®, BASF's Forward AM 3D simulation software, combined with Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF carbon fiber ultralife material, resulting in a high load capacity and weight of only 17g. It was tested by Canyon's professional racers to withstand heavy loads and strong vibrations. Garmin is Canyon's bike-mounted minicomputer that comes with a host of additional features beyond GPS, including a heart rate monitor, power meter pedals and smart lights. Currently, Garmin supports sold on the market are all molded by traditional injection molding, which has limitations in weight, function, design and manufacturing. To further improve performance, Canyon has chosen BASF Forward AM 3D printing technology to achieve a wide variety of design possibilities through BASF Ultrasim® 3D digital simulation software and "additive" design concepts. In addition, the choice of materials is important to ensure that the Garmin is readable when riding on pavements, cobblestones or forest soil. So Forward AM's virtual engineering experts performed simulated vibration analysis for a variety of materials and selected the Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF. A highly rigid material ideal for 3D printing, carbon fiber reinforcement makes it one of the strongest and most rigid materials in the industry. Its 3D printed parts not only meet the requirements of high strength and rigidity, but also provide good mechanical properties. The polymer composition of Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF is a biopolymer derived from castor oil, which is sustainable and embodies the concept of green and low carbon development. After the printing is done, the 3D print is treated again with chemical vapor smoothing technology to achieve the final smooth touch and sealed surface. The new generation Garmin support is lightweight, durable and reliable during cycling, and Canyon is bringing it to market with its latest design Ultimate for all end customers in the market. Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co., Ltd. is a brand-name company that focuses on LFT&LFRT. Long Glass Fiber Series (LGF) & Long Carbon Fiber Series (LCF). The company's thermoplastic LFT can be used for LFT-G injection molding and extrusion, and can also be used for LFT-D molding. It can be produced according to customer requirements: 5~25mm length. The company's long-fiber continuous infiltration reinforced thermoplastics have passed ISO9001 & 16949 system certification, and the products have obtained lots of national trademarks and patent.

  • The performance of ABS after fiber addition

    The performance of ABS after fiber addition

    Glass fiber is a very common material in the chemical industry, often used to make reinforced plastics or reinforced rubber. Because of its own temperature resistance, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation characteristics, master material after adding glass fiber can significantly improve the heat resistance and mechanical strength of the material. ABS and glass fiber increase the thermal deformation temperature and mechanical properties of the product, and reduce the shrinkage rate of molding and linear expansion coefficient. It is often used to manufacture products requiring higher dimensional accuracy. ABS material is a kind of "tough, hard and rigid" material with easy access to raw materials, good comprehensive performance, cheap price and wide use. It has good rigidity, hardness and processing fluidity. In machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ships and other manufacturing industry and chemical industry has been widely used. On the other hand, the thermal deformation temperature of ABS resin is low, easy to burn, and the heat resistance of ABS resin is also much different from that of other materials. How to improve the performance of ABS material to meet the needs of industry has become a concern of many people. Although the impact strength of ABS decreases obviously compared with that of pure ABS after adding glass fiber, the rigidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability of ABS are significantly improved. In addition, ABS plus glass fiber is extremely cost-effective, which can meet the needs of producers while reducing production costs. Characteristics of LFT plastic modified ABS: 1, heat resistance up to 90-110℃, good gloss, high dimensional stability, high impact strength; 2, good flame retardant, high flow, high impact, good heat resistance, weather resistance, no spray frost; 3, high rigidity, low shrinkage, creep resistance, easy processing. Main application fields of LFT plastic modified ABS: 1, auto parts: instrument panel, fender, interior parts, lights, rearview mirror, car audio; 2. Electronic and electrical parts: IT equipment, OA equipment shell, converter, electric socket, etc.; 3, electronic appliances: switch, switch, controller, monitor, display housing, electrical housing, electrical bracket; 4, household appliances: electrical parts, electric control box Fujian Xiamen Changfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a modified plastic production enterprise, specializing in the production of modified PP, PA, PBT, ABS, PA6 and other series of engineering plastic products. The reinforced PP fiber material developed by the company has the characteristics of low density, good chemical resistance, low price and excellent comprehensive performance. And the products have passed the quality management system certification, in line with RoHs standards, widely used in lighting, home appliances, communications, electronic appliances, building mat...

Prodotti caldi

Il team di lft-g® ha una conoscenza combinata di 20 anni di materiali compositi, i nostri progettisti, materiali e ingegneri di processo sono sempre disponibili a rispondere alle vostre domande e il nostro partner sarà lì per supportarvi durante l'intero ciclo di vita del prodotto.

Granuli termoplastici a fibra lunga di poliuretano TPU

TPU LGF30 termoplastico a fibra lunga TPU LGF densità e TDS

Nome del prodotto: TPU LGF30; uretano termoplastico con riempimento in fibra di vetro; poliuretano LGF
Forma: lunghezza circa 12 mm, alta resistenza, alta tenacità
Vantaggio: più di 20 anni di esperienza nel prodotto in plastica rinforzata con fibra.
Granuli di plastica rinforzati con fibra di vetro lunga PA66

LFT PA66 GF30 Nylon 66 Riempimento con fibra di vetro lunga 30% Materiali meccanici alti

Nome del prodotto: PA66 LGF30, plastica rinforzata con fibra di nylon 66, composito di poliammide 66

Modulo: Lunghezza circa 12 mm, alta resistenza, alta tenacità
Vantaggio: Più di 20 anni di esperienza nel prodotto in plastica rinforzata con fibre.

Plastica rinforzata con fibra LFT PP LGF30 per parti in plastica colorate

LFT Omopolimero PP Fibra di vetro lunga 30% Polipropilene Materiali

Nome del prodotto: Omopolimero LGF30, Polipropilene Plastica Rinforzata con Fibre Lunghe, PP Termoplastico Fibra Lunga
Modulo: Lunghezza circa 12 mm, alta resistenza, alta tenacità
Vantaggio: Più di 20 anni di esperienza nel prodotto in plastica rinforzata con fibre.

HDPE riempire fibra di vetro lunga 50%

LFT Polietilene ad alta densità di riempimento in fibra di vetro 50% composito

Nome del prodotto: HDPE LGF50, riempimento in plastica rinforzata con fibra di vetro HDPE

Modulo: resistenza all'ossidazione, resistenza alla compressione, resistenza alla deformazione
Vantaggio: Alta qualità e basso costo
Granuli compositi lunghi rinforzati con fibra di vetro LFT nylon12

LFT nylon GF40 poliammide LGF 40% composito per ricambi auto

nome del prodotto: poliammide12 fibra di vetro lunga 40% composito,nylon termoplastica a fibra lunga

certificato: SGS, 16949 sistema certificato,msds,e così via.

PPS LGF pellet lungo termoplastico rinforzato con fibra di vetro

Composito PPS LGF 40% termoplastico a fibra lunga LFT

nome del prodotto: fibra di vetro lunga 40% riempimento pps

lunghezza: circa 12 mm

applicazione: componenti per auto, componenti energetici e altre parti in plastica

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condividere con voi alcuni dei nuovi prodotti di sviluppo della nostra fabbrica, partecipazione a forum di settore, formazione, mostre e condivisione con esempi di forum di alto livello sponsorizzati dall'industria.

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    LFT in Russia International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber 2023

    2023 Russia International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber Time: January 24-27, 2023 Venue: Expocentr Exhibition Center, Moscow Holding cycle: once a year Scope of exhibits: Plastics and rubber industry machinery and equipment: preprocessing, recycling machinery and equipment, processing machinery and equipment, post-processing machinery, modification, decoration, printing and marking machinery and equipment, welding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, measuring, control and testing equipment, components; Raw materials and auxiliary materials; Plastics and rubber production; Logistics: Material handling in the plastics and rubber industry; For services to the Plastics and rubber industry. Introduction of the exhibition: The Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (RUPLASTIC) is held annually. Mechanical engineers, raw material producers, plastic and rubber product producers, logistics companies and service providers all displayed their product ranges. Official organizations from Germany, Italy, China, Australia, Taiwan, France and Portugal all participated in the exhibition. The Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition provides the ideal platform. Russia plans to radically modernize its infrastructure in the area of waste management in the coming years, so it is developing into a very promising market in this area. How to find us Company name: XIAMEN LFT COMPOSITE PLASTIC CO.,LTD Stand-No.: FOA66 Contact person: Cason Wu/CandyHu Phone:  +86-13950095707 Fax: +86-592-7277995 e-mail: Candyhu@lfrtplastic.com Sincerely waiting for your coming, we will have a chance to contact in person!

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  • 01-09


    Office Closed Notice for CNY Holiday

    Dear Customers, Please note that our company will be closed for the Chinese New Year celebration from 16/JAN 2023(Mon) until 29/JAN 2023(Sun). Normal business will resume on 30/JAN 2023(Mon). Do drop us an email at sale02@lfrtplastic.com if you have urgent matters. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Wallis

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    abbiamo iniziato a lavorare il nono giorno del primo mese lunare

    il nono giorno del primo mese lunare, nel buddismo cinese, è la casa del dio della ricchezza. coloro che credono nel buddismo pregheranno il dio della ricchezza in questo giorno per pregare per la protezione del dio della ricchezza. oggi, la nostra azienda ha appena terminato le festività primaverili ed è pronta per entrare nel nuovo anno. ogni anno oggi, la nostra azienda terrà una riunione mattutina su larga scala una volta a anno. dopo l'incontro mattutino, i dipendenti della nostra azienda si riuniranno al cancello dell'azienda per far esplodere insieme petardi per celebrare il nuovo inizio del nuovo anno. allo stesso tempo, ognuno di noi ricevere un capo dall'azienda. aprire buste rosse. secondo la gestione annuale, faremo una cena, ma perché i dipendenti che sono tornati nella loro città natale per il capodanno cinese quest'anno sono lenti tornare, quindi il numero di dipendenti è troppo piccolo, quindi non abbiamo organizzato una cena. ogni anno oggi è un momento clou per il nostro azienda. auguro a tutti i nuovi e vecchi clienti il meglio per il nuovo anno.

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